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    Another look at underarm laser hair removal here at Belleza Lase! Call to schedule your consultation today✨
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    Where the magic happens 💫⭐️
Our piercing room filled with princess wands and tiaras! Let us treat your daughter like the princess she is 👑 ❤️ ✨4015 Chain Bridge Road
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    Look at this brave 💫 pierced 💫 princess! She did an amazing job and she looks beautiful 🤗⭐️🤗
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    Enough said! We love our smooth, hair free skin ⭐️
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    Underarm laser hair removal here at Belleza Lase! Please don’t hesitate to give us a call/email with any questions you may have! *We use cold gel on the area and then finish off the treatment with @epionce balancing toner! 
Procedure: Underarm LHR
Time: 10 minutes 
Pain: Mild - none 
Sessions: 6-10 sessions (varies person by person)
Appointments- Every 6-8 weeks
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    Belleza Lase pierced princess package! Your daughter is a princess... so let us treat her like one! 👑 👸🏼👸🏾👸🏽
☎️ Give us a call today to schedule an appointment, we are almost completely booked for September! 📆
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    Princess Ariana is rockin’ her new 14K Gold AB crystal daisy’s! We applied numbing cream to her lobes an hour before her appointment so she didn’t feel a thing! She looks beautiful 💕
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    Princess Tara got her ears pierced! We love the beautiful 14K Gold baby pink studs she picked! She looks amazing, right in time for school! 📚 📖 💜
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    Lydia got her ears pierced right in time for back to school 📚 🍎! She chose a beautiful 3mm 14K Gold AB Crystal stud for her special day. We love them 💕
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    This beautiful girl got her ears pierced with us for her birthday 🎂 ❤️ She special ordered 14K Gold July Ruby Daisy’s. We can special order specific birthday stones in a stud or daisy style. Please call or email for more information ☎️ ⌨️
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    Look at this beautiful pierced princess! Samantha got her ears pierced today with us and she looks awesome! She chose one of our ✨n e w ✨ 14K Gold Daisy’s (that are featured on our website). Call to book your appointment today 💎💝
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    So proud to say that Belleza Lase is physicians recommended in ear piercing! We love what we do 💝💎
✨ We start piercing at 2/3 months, after both t-dap shots have been completed! 
#babyearpiercing #dcearpiercing
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    We love days filled with ear piercing 💝 
please note: if you’re planning on scheduling an appt for ear piercing in September, please contact us now! We are almost all booked up! Back to school time = busy time 📚 📖 💎 -
#dcearpiercing #babyearpiercing #novaearpiercing #vaearpiercing #virginiaearpiercing
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    This beauty got her seconds pierced with us! We love them 😍
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    How beautiful is our BL pierced princess! 👑 She was so ready to get her ears pierced. 😍 #BlBravekid #vaearpiercing #novaearpiercing #fairfaxcityva #fairfaxcounty
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    Check out these adorable little pierced princess’s! Ready to show of their new earrings just in time for kindergarten!
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    Our laser esthetician and professional ear piercer, Jessica, with beautiful baby Zoey! So happy we could be apart her big day ❤️
#babyearpiercing #vaearpiercing #fairfaxcity #fairfaxpiercing
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    🤳🏼#Selfiegamestrong Want better looking selfies? Schedule your next lash appointment at Belleza Lase for fuller longer looking lashes! 👀 😍#VAlasheextensions ##vaearpiercing #novalashes #novaearpiercing
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    We loved this precious picture one of our clients sent to us of her pierced princess👸! We pierce babies (and all ages) staring at 2/3 months 💕
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    Look at that beautiful b l i n g💎 14K Gold 5mm Cubic Zirconia 💥💕
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    Our 14K gold genuine pearl earrings are our #1 seller! We can see why😍❤️
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    A beautiful pierced princess rockin’ her new 14k gold genuine pearl earrings! Schedule your appointment today 💕👑
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    ❤️How adorbs is this brave 11 year old BL pierced princess! She left us with a great big smile & a ✨sparkly✨ set of beautiful 5mm cubic zirconia studs on her newly pierced ears. She picked the perfect pair to match her perfect lobes👌🏻BUT before she left, she stopped for a memorable picture w/ Vanessa, her #perfectionist ear piercing specialists! 📸  #BlingBling #FullPrincessTreatment #BLpiercedPrincess #FairfaxEarPiercing #VirginiaEarPiercing #BellezaLaseLaserSpa
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    All smiles here at BL for this beautiful and brave pierced princess! Can you believe she didn’t shed a single tear?! 💙
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    How cute is this little pup and his beautiful mommy! When our clients bring in their cute lil pups to their appointments #WeGoGaGa over them especially when they have their very own doggy stroller too!!! 😍 We are obsessed!❤️😍🐶😍 #bellezalase #saturdays #laserhairremoval #eyelashextensions #teethwhitening #Fairfax #Nova #ServiceDog
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    This beautiful girl got her ears pierced today on her 7th birthday! So thankful we were apart of her special day💕🦄🌈❤️☺️
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    We just pierced this beautiful 4 month old princess today! Give your child a 100% unforgettable royalty treatment today! #Yelp #bellezlase #novaearpiercing #vaearpiercing #fairfaxcity #fairfax #babyearpiercing
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    Look at this precious 2 1/2 month old pierced princess 👑 💫💛
We love doing ear piercings! Call, email, DM, or yelp message to make your appointment today! ❣️
#babyearpiercing #babyearrings #vaearpiercing #dcearpeircing
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    Day filled with ear piercings💜 
We love our job!🦄🌈
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    Another pierced princess 👸🏽 🦄 
We 💜 ear piercing!
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    Busy busy Saturday filled with lots of ear piercings 💫🌈🧡 Call to make your appointment today! We pierce all ages starting at 3 months 💕
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    Another look at underarm laser hair removal here at BL!
For more information, give us a call at 703-273-5273 🤗🌼
#laserhairremoval #valaserhairremoval #dclaserhairremoval #novalaserhairremoval #dmvlaserhairremoval #vaspa
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    Little snip into a session of forearm laser hair removal here at Belleza Lase 🌼
Give us a call today to schedule your free consultation & learn all about laser hair removal! 
Bye bye shaving 👋 Your razor will not be missed😇
#laserhairremoval #valaserhairremoval #dclaserhairremoval #novalaserhairremoval #dmvlaserhairremoval #vaspa
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