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3mm Gold Ball, 
14K Yellow Gold (Short Post) 
Item # P1 

2mm Cubic Zerconia Bezel 
14K Yellow Gold  (Short Post)
Item # P2

2mm Cubic Zerconia
 14K Yellow Gold 
(Short Post)
Item # P3

2mm White Pearl, 
14K Yellow Gold 
(Short Post)
Item # P4 

3mm AB Crystal, 14K White Gold 
Item # P5 

3mm MARCH Aquamarine, 
14K White Gold
Item # P6

High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.
3mm AUGUST Peridot, 
14K Yellow Gold
Item # P70

3mm AUGUST Peridot, 
24K Gold Plated
Item # P7

3mm Tanzanite, 14K Yellow Gold 
Item # P8

5mm Cubic Zerconia, 
14K White Gold 
Item # P9

5mm Cubic Zerconia, 14K Yellow Gold 
Item # P100

5mm Cubic Zerconia, 
24K Gold Plated 
Item # P10

​3mm Cubic Zerconia, 
14K Yellow Gold
Item # P12

AB Crystal Daisy, 
14K White Gold
Item # P13
5mm  Genuine White Pearl, 
14K, Yellow Gold
Item # P14

3mm Pink Cubic Zerconia, 
14K White Gold
Item # P15

5mm Pink Star Cut, 
24K Gold Plated
Item # P23
OCTOBER Rose & AB Crystal Daisy, 
14K Gold 
Item # P18

APRIL Crystal & 
SEPTEMBER Sapphire Daisy, 
14K Yellow Gold
Item # P19

Rainbow Daisy, 
Stainless Steel 
Item # P20

Soccer Ball, Stainless Steel
Item # P21

Pink Daisy, 
Stainless Steel 
Item # P22

Bring your loved one to a small boutique style office where they can be pampered by our friendly ear piercers. Each Pierced Princess will receive a Princess Tiara, Princess Wand and a Brave Kid Certificate!  
While supplies last.
 Not guaranteed to have all earrings available in stock. Please call in advance for availability. 
*All appointments require a $25 non-refundable booking fee, that will be applied to your service.
3mm Pink Cubic Zerconia, 
24​K Gold Plated 
Item # P16 

APRIL Crystal Daisy, 
14K White Gold
Item # P17

5mm Pink Star Cut, 
14K Yellow Gold
Item # P230
Baby Short Post
Crystal & Cubic Zerconia (Tiffany Setting)
• Wide Selection of earrings in:

  14K White Gold
  10K White Gold
    14K Yellow Gold 
    24K Gold Plated 
  Stainless Steel 

• 100% Hypoallergenic. 

• U.S FDA and EC Compliant.

• Safest Ear Piercing by Guaranteed by Manufacturer.  

• Trusted by more retailers than any system in the world.

• Touch-free system for loading and disposal, ensures Sterility.

• Noise - reducing gun provides a virtually sound-free piercing. 

• Younger than18 years of age needs parental consent

Ear Care Instructions
((Click here to download Ear Care Instructions))

1. Cleanse the earlobes or cartilage front and back once or twice a day with Studex Ear Care Medisept Gel or Studex Ear Care Solution. 

2. At least twice a day apply Studex Medisept Gel or Studex Solution directly to the pierced hole and slide the studs back ad forth in the ear to work the gel into the hole. Turn the studs “like winding the watch” several times a day.

3. When shampooing, be sure that soap is completely rinsed from the ears. Cover ears when using spray, cologne, hair spray or hair dye. Keep hair away from ears when ever possible during healing period.

4. Leave training studs in for 4-6weeks for the first 6 months. Go no longer than 24hours without wearing earring; otherwise the hole could begin to close. This will assure that the newly pierced hole will be formed properly. If after the 4week healing time the ear feels sore when changing earrings, go back to training studs and continue these instructions for an additional 1 or 2 weeks.

5. After the 4-6 week training period, other post earrings may be worn. These should be made of gold, surgical stainless steel or sterling silver. No heavy earrings should be worn for at least 4 months after the training period. 

6. Pain redness or swelling is not normal result of ear piercing. This condition could indicate an allergic reaction to gold or that your body cannot tolerate a foreign object in the skin or an infection. Should this condition occur, remove your earrings immediately and see your physician at once.

DO NOT remove studs for 4-6 weeks.
DO NOT handle your ears and/or studs unnecessarily. 
DO NOT push clasp along the post towards your ear. 
This is essential, as tight earrings may lead to infection.
DO NOT use alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to care for newly pierced ears.
Leave in for 6-8 Weeks, use Stud-style earrings for 6 weeks after.  

STEP 1: Pick your favorite earring based upon style and metal
STEP 2: Schedule your appointment and reserve the earring of your choice 
STEP 3: Become a Belleza Lase Pierced Princess!!